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Hear What Our Audience Have to Say...

Annonymous comments from workshop evaluation sheets
WOW!! I was blown away with Dr Karim's presentations on both days.
The Cultural Application Exercises were the BEST part of the class, hands down! His presentation on India and Pakistan was also frank and interesting.
Best speaker! Excellent!
Dr Karim is a true expert on the topics. I really enjoyed his lecture and his enthusiasm for what he does. His presentation was current and on point.
Very good lecture. Excellent speaker and lots of info. Good and helpful insight into the history and current climate. Also good info on the different ethnic groups.
Very well done - informative, interesting, funny and full of experience.
GREAT presentation. Interesting. Engaging. Informative. Organized. Bring him back!
Excellent instructor. Well presented with enough humor and anecdotal stories to keep me interested.
This was a very informative class. It was a good balance between history and the current culture. It was enough information so I can better understand the current events in the US media.
Dr Karim's ‘Keys for Culture’ lecture was an excellent lead-in for the course. It allowed each person to re-evaluate themselves and re-think how we view others.
Very interesting and eye-opening session. Loved the exercises!
Excellent! Outstanding! I was never bored with this guy.
All of the lessons Dr Karim covered were very helpful. Everything was very applicable to the places we are fighting today.

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