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 We offer a comprehensive leadership learning system based on
 five training series:

Global Leader Series
Inclusive Leader Series

Intercultural Communicator
Intercultural Negotiator
Intercultural Mediator
Intercultural Team Leader
Intercultural Change Leader

The Inclusive Communicator
The Inclusive Decision-maker
The Inclusive Strategist
The Inclusive Change-maker
The Inclusive Mentor
The Inclusive Vision-maker

Multicultural Leader Series
Cultural Decoder Series

Understanding African Americans
Understanding Latino/Chicano/Hispanic Americans
Understanding Asian Americans
Understanding GLBT Americans
Understanding Native Americans
Understanding Power & Privilege
Understanding Prejudice & Discrimination
Understanding Value Diverse Organizations

Cultural Decoder: USA
Cultural Decoder: India
Cultural Decoder: Pakistan
Cultural Decoder: Afghanistan
Cultural Decoder: Bangladesh
Cultural Decoder: Nepal
Cultural Decoder: Sri Lanka
Cultural Decoder: Saudi Arabia
Cultural Decoder: United Arab Emirates
Cultural Decoder: Islam

Psychological Leader Series

Dealing with Difficult People
Dealing with Emotions
Dealing with Stress
Dealing with Work Style Diversity

 Each is available as a complete package or ala carte. We use the
 latest knowledge and skill-building strategies that will give your
 leadership teams a socially responsible and ethical edge and
 advantage in today’s value diverse global society.

 We create an energetic learning environment to engage our
 audience in active participation of the learning process. The
 sessions are thought-provoking, applied, lively, and exciting with
 a touch of humor.

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