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8 Assumptions about Inclusive Leadership

The process of developing an inclusive leadership style is based on the following eight assumptions:
  1. Inclusive Leadership can be Learned
    Everyone can increase inclusive leadership competence through appropriate education and training, experiences, and application of learned skills and knowledge set.

  2. Learning Inclusive Leadership Skills is an Experiential Process
    One cannot become competent and adept as a leader merely by reading books. It is important that theory and practice be integrated. Inclusive leadership develops through doing.

  3. Learning Inclusive Leadership Skills is Developmental
    Just as a child needs to learn to crawl before walking, so must people learn the basics for inclusive leadership success before they attempt more advanced skills.

  4. Change is Needed in Thinking, Feeling, Behavior, and Beliefs
    People are holistic and do not think, feel, or behave in a disconnected fashion. Thoughts, feelings, and actions are interconnected.

  5. Safe yet Challenging Learning Environments Facilitate Progress
    People tend to be open to learning new and challenging tasks when they feel safe.

  6. Understanding Functioning at Personal, Group, and Institutional Levels is Important
    It is important to recognize how these domains of human interaction are interlaced and therefore must be explored and integrated into the leadership development process.

  7. Change Requires Effort, Some Discomfort, and Patience
    Leadership development challenges people to grow in directions that may not come easily or comfortably. Leaders have to be willing to make the effort, deal with the discomfort and have the patience to see the change take root.

  8. Inclusive Leadership Development can be Transforming
    It can open new doorways of understanding and perception that are not available to everyone. It enables leaders to experience and interact with the world in a more complex manner.
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