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Global Leadership

Leaders must answer the greatest challenge of our times. That is, how should we engage, involve, and inspire those who are different from us in their life experiences, values, and worldview and create safe, inclusive and mutually beneficial communities and societies globally.

We live in an interconnected world thanks to advances in technology and growth of the global economy. Our daily actions and decisions reverberate globally whether we realize this or not. These include simple decisions and choices such as what we wear, what we eat, and how we travel. A single sick cow in a lonely pasture in Canada causes the Taiwanese to curb their import of beef. The bird flu in China leads to panic worldwide. The outcome of a presidential election in Iran impacts the foreign policies of the Western world.

The actions of small groups in far away lands can leave devastating consequences for people who are not even aware of their presence. However, the positive outcome of this global interconnection is that caring individuals start worldwide movements with the simple click of a mouse thanks to the always on and available information highway. This highway winds through busy urban neighborhoods as well as quite rural towns in remote countries. Satellite and private cable TV stations allow other perspectives to be shown and shared. A recent example of this digital revolution was seen in Pakistan after the devastating earthquake that was covered in great detail by private TV channels while the government was slow to report and respond to this natural disaster.

Who could have imagined that local events would cause global reactions? This global connectivity has fostered greater interdependence between uncommon partners, competitors and even enemies. We no longer live in isolation, and our leadership decisions are no longer limited only to our immediate constituencies.

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